Sample Cryptic Clues

Now that you understand how to solve cryptic clues, you're ready to tackle a few yourself. Try the ones below. They're listed according to element type. See how many you can figure out before you look at the answers.

Elf upset priest (6)
Beast in Manila going wild (6)
Finds a closet messed up (7)

Each boy is human (6)
Hotel had a meal for native (6)
Derek gets approval to survey part of library (8)

Lear is holding the shoe material (7)
Prisoner holds painting box (6)
New Mexico city vault contains insect (5,2)

Depart, after the first, for edge of roof (4)
Vanilla extract has zip (3)
Sheriffs' groups have not finished (6)

Double definition
Here is a gift (7)
Break from school depression (6)
Quick diet (4)

Hidden answers
In dream, Eric attacked the U.S. (7)
Italian city tucked into grove nicely (6)
Paler cashiers, for the most part (6)

Elevate beams noisily (5)
French coins for hot dogs, I hear (6)
Heard outlawed music group (4)

Therefore, monster returned (4)
Wildebeests made some music up (4)
Returning students make a mistake (4,2)

Terribly angered! (7)
Author perhaps penned the foremost of essays! (7)

How many did you get? Check out the answers to see if you were right.