Answers to Cryptic Clues

As promised, this page contains the answers to the sample clues in my Cryptic Crossword Puzzle page. Rather than simply read this page for the answers, it would be better if you tried to solve the sample clues, and returned here to see if you were correct.

Oh, by the way: those other clues scattered throughout the Cryptics Crossword Puzzle page? Except for the first one, I wrote them all. The answer to all of them is Cryptics. Go back and see if you can figure out why.

Happy solving!


Elf upset priest (6)
Elf is the literal definition; upset priest means that priest is an anagram of a word meaning elf. That word is sprite.
Beast in Manila going wild (6)
The literal definition is beast; Manila "going wild" is an anagram for animal.
Finds a closet messed up (7)
A closet is an anagram for finds, the literal definition of locates.


Each boy is human (6)
Each is another word for per; boy is a synonym for son. Together, they form the word person, the literal definition of the clue, human.
Hotel had a meal for native (6)
A hotel can also be an inn, and had a meal means ate. Joined, the words form innate, the literal definition of native.
Derek gets approval to survey part of library (8)
Derek refers to Bo Derek, which gets approval in the form of OK, and is connected to survey, or case; the word, bookcase, a part of library, is formed by joining those words.


Lear is holding the shoe material (7)
Lear holds the to form a shoe material: leather.
Prisoner holds painting box (6)
Con (prisoner) holds art (painting), forming carton (a box).
New Mexico city vault contains insect (5,2)
Santa Fe, a New Mexico city, is formed when safe (a vault) contains ant (an insect).


Depart, after the first, for edge of roof (4)
Another word for depart is leave. After the first letter is removed, the word remaining is eave, the edge of roof.
Vanilla extract has zip (3)
Nil, the literal definition of zip, is extracted from vanilla (both ends deleted).
Sheriffs' groups have not finished (6)
Posses, sheriffs' groups, is formed when possess, a synonym for have, is "not finished".

Double Definition

Here is a gift (7)
Here and a gift are both uses of the word present.
Break from school depression (6)
Break from school and depression are both synonyms for the word recess.
Quick diet (4)
Quick and diet both mean fast.

Hidden Answers

In dream, Eric attacked the U.S. (7)
The U.S. (America) is hidden in dream, Eric attacked.
Italian city tucked into grove nicely (6)
Venice, an Italian city, is hidden in grove nicely.
Paler cashiers, for the most part (6)
Ashier (paler) is hidden in cashiers.


Elevate beams noisily (5)
Rays, as in beams of light, sounds like raise, which means elevate.
French coins for hot dogs, I hear (6)
Hot dogs, or franks, sounds like Francs, French coins.
Heard outlawed music group (4)
Banned (outlawed) sounds like band (music group).


Therefore, monster returned (4)
A synonym for therefore is ergo, which is ogre (monster) reversed.
Wildebeests made some music up (4)
Gnus (wildebeests) is sung (made some music) reversed ("up").
Returning students make a mistake (4,2)
Pupils, or students, reversed becomes slip up.


Terribly angered! (7)
Angered, written terribly, is enraged, which means "terribly angered".
Author perhaps penned the foremost of essays! (7)
Author, jumbled (perhaps), holds (penned) the letter "E", the foremost letter of essays. This forms the name Thoreau, who, perhaps, penned the foremost of essays.